New Liebherr 934 With Eco Ram 2012


New Electric Mini Shear 2012


New Lidex Copex Shear


Our Big Komatsu Shear 2012


Bullington Cross Yard Oct 2012


New Volvo Ro Ro Truck


New Yard at Bullington Cross

End of Life Vehicles

Free collection for Scrap cars

Chineham: 01256 816645

W.E.E.E Recycling

We also offer W.E.E.E (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling

Site Factory Clearance

Clearance of redundant factory sites and other unused buildings

Residential Metal Waste

We will recycle any residential metal waste from copper pipes to kitchen pots & pans

Head Office

01256 323890


01256 816645

Bullington Cross

01256 323890